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Motoclub Cesky Tesin

Our club was established at the start of year 1997 by 3 founders Jiri and Dave Jancars and David Raszka. They were in sport-mototourism what is sport sector of Czech Motorcycle Federation (CMF). We haven't many members and all from as are from Cesky Tesin and close cities. City Cesky Tesin is border city with Poland. It's polish part is on the second bank of river Olse and it's name is Ciesyzn. Our city Cesky Tesin can be found at the north-east part of Czech republic.

If there is somebody who reads this article and who wants to know the good feeling what we have with motorcycles - here is small demonstration why we ride motorcycles and what it means to us: "why we ride motorcycles". So motorbikers ... look and agree! :)

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Motoclub Cesky Tesin
Pod zvonek 48
737 01 Cesky Tesin
Czech republic